Applying for a UK visa? Get expert help with your application. 

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"I have worked with this lady since 2013 and my husband has gone from being illegal in the UK to being able to apply for settlement, thanks to her."

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How the full representation service works 

Tell us about yourself

Once we know your situation we will give you a personalised, detailed list of the documents you need to get together to support your application

Check the application 

Once we are satisfied that all your documents are in order we will prepare the online application form and representations for you to check

Wait for the decision

Once everything is in order we will submit your application - your visa should come through shortly afterwards, depending upon the service you choose to submit it

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Fixed fees and easy payment plans

We know that your happiness depends upon the outcome of your visa application.  We won't be careless with your life.

Visa applications are expensive.  Getting your application wrong will not only be a waste of money, it will have other, serious consequences for you.  

If you are overseas, it will mean a delay in being able to travel to the UK.  If you are already in the UK, it could mean a break in your continuous residence and so it will take you longer to be able to apply for settlement.  In the worst case, it could mean that you would no longer be able to live in the UK.

Here at UK Visas Online we are very aware of the responsibility you entrust us with when you ask us to represent you in your application.  Your happiness, and the quality of your life, depend upon the outcome of your visa application, and we won't be careless with your life.

Based on what you tell us about your circumstances, we will send you a detailed letter of advice setting out all the documents and information that you need to gather to support your application.  Once you have your stuff together we will look through your documents and either confirm that everything is in order, or else tell you what is missing and what you need to do to make up any shortfalls in your documents.  

We'll then complete the online application form, and draft detailed legal representations that set out the particulars of your case and show how you meet all the requirements of the Immigration Rules, so that Home Office caseworker going through your application can see at a glance how you meet all the criteria.

Once your application has been submitted online we will book the appointment at the visa centre where you need to go to enrol your biometric data (fingersprints and a digital photograph) and we will upload all your documents before that interview, in keeping with current application submission processes.

You can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your application is in safe hands.

Get peace of mind.  Get expert help with your application.