Applying for a UK visa?  Use our document checking service and we'll find your mistakes so that the Home Office don't. 


"I have worked with this lady since 2013 and my husband has gone from being illegal in the UK to being able to apply for settlement, thanks to her."

How the document checking service works 

Prepare your application

Complete the online application form and get your documents in order, then call us to give us your background details

Upload your documents 

Once you pay our fee, you will have access to your own secure client portal where you will be able to upload all your documents

Get detailed feedback

We'll give you detailed feedback on your application, and advice on the submission process, within two working days

We'll find your mistakes so that the Home Office don't

Visa applications are expensive.  Getting your application wrong will not only be a waste of money, it will have other, serious consequences for you.  

If you are overseas, it will mean a delay in being able to travel to the UK.  If you are already in the UK, it could mean a break in your continuous residence and so it will take you longer to be able to apply for settlement.  In the worst case, it could mean that you would no longer be able to live in the UK.

Here at UK Visas Online we have over 20 years' experience in checking applications and making sure that we find the mistakes, so that the Home Office don't.  We will look through your application form and all your documents, and give you detailed, written advice on anything that you need to change, add, take out or alter in any way so that when you submit your application it will be with the peace of mind of knowing that it is perfect. 

Get peace of mind with our document checking service!