Is your partner British, settled in the UK or a European national living in the UK?

You can live in the UK with them. 


  • Your partner must be British, have Indefinite Leave to Remain, or Settled or Pre-Settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.  If your partner lives in the UK on any other basis, this is  the wrong category for you
  • You must be married, or planning to marry.  If you aren't planning to get married you must have lived together for two years before you apply
  • You must be in a genuine relationship
  • You must meet the financial requirements of an annual income of at least £18,600
  • Your accommodation in the UK must be appropriate and adequate
  • You must be able to speak and understand English 
  • You mustn't have any serious criminal convictions


If you are already married  or in a civil partnership you can apply for a spouse visa to live with your partner in the UK


If you are planning to marry in the UK and to apply to live here after that you can apply for a fiancé visa


If you and your partner have lived together for two years you may be eligible for an unmarried partner visa, also called a de facto visa

We can, and we absolutely do, guarantee the quality of our work.

Realistic and Practical Advice

You'll only ever get the truth from us, no matter how harsh it is.

Having been in the field for so long, we have dealt with thousands of cases over pretty much every visa category. This means that as well as knowing what the Immigration Rules say, we are familiar with how the Home Office apply the rules. We know what they expect to see and what they will disregard, and in what circumstances they will use discretion to grant an application even when all the requirements of the Immigration Rules aren’t met.

So – if, after our initial chat with you, we think that your application won’t succeed no matter what we do, we will tell you.  This may not be what you want to hear, but not only will this save you the expense of a hopeless application, it will also prevent you from damaging your immigration history (and thus making future applications more difficult) by making applications that have no merit and are bound to fail.

If your circumstances change after you have instructed us and we believe that your application will not succeed, we will tell you. You can then decide to ask us to keep the file open until you meet the requirements again, or ask us to close the file, or decide to carry on – but whatever you decide, it will be with full knowledge and control of the application.

Timely Action

There will be no delays in your application because of us! 

If you are in the UK, you know that you need to submit your application before your current leave expires, otherwise you will become an overstayer, and that of course has serious consequences – you can’t work, can’t rent a property, open a bank account or get a driving licence, and you’re at risk of being removed from the country. When you trust us with your application, you can be sure that we won’t let that happen – your application will be submitted before your current visa expires.

If you are overseas, we’ll work at your pace, whether you want to get your application submitted and granted so that you can travel as soon as possible, or whether you instruct several months before you are ready to submit the application.


We'll keep your secrets/

You don’t need to worry about what you tell us finding its way back to the Home Office - everything you tell us remains between you and us, and we won’t discuss your business with anyone.  This includes with your family, unless you give us permission to speak to them.

The only exception to this is if we are required by law to disclose something to a government agency.

Instant Access, 24/7

You'll never again need to wonder if your lawyer is working on your case.

When you first instruct us we will explain all your options to you clearly and in writing, so that you know exactly what to expect. Once we take on your case you can log into the client portal at any time, to see exactly what comes next, what has been done and what still needs doing, and by when, so that you always know exactly what stage your application is at.

Of course you can phone us during our normal working hours as well if you have any questions or need to discuss anything.

Fixed fees and payment plans

No unpleasant surprises

When you first tell us that you want us to help you, we will tell you what our fees will be.  These fees are agreed by the OISC, who regulate immigration lawyers, as being a fair fee for the work.

The fee you pay is fixed before you instruct us to start work for you, and it won't change halfway through.  And as you aren't being charged by the minute, you don't need to hesitate to ask any questions or to reach out for support as often as you need to.

The fees you pay us are kept in a separate client account, and remain yours until the work you have paid for is completed.

Send us a message to get a response by the next working day

Extremely thorough in ensuring that we always provide the right evidence

Dealing with Asha is such a pleasure. Alongside her professionalism and exhaustive knowledge of the UK immigration system, it also feels like having a friend alongside you, through what can be a very stressful time.


She is meticulous and direct and gets the job done! 

For my first visa in 2016 Asha liaised with me whilst I was still in Australia and was incredibly thorough in explaining what documentation was required, especially when it came to outlining my driving history as I had multiple speeding tickets in the past. 

Towards the end of 2021 we will be looking to apply for my indefinite leave to remain and again we will have no hesitation in reaching out to Asha to help and guide us through the process. 

TROY AND CLARE PICKERING, with their son Oliver  

Asha Thomas

A migrant herself, Asha has been working in immigration law since 2000 and is regulated by the OISC at Level 3, the highest level.

Asha loves knotty, complex cases that need innovative solutions, and describes herself as OCD when it comes to chasing down every last document needed for a successful application. Many of her clients return to her throughout their immigration journey.

Asha and her husband love to travel, chucking things into the back of the car and driving off to explore new places. In her leisure time Asha like to read, hike, cook, sew, weave and make pots, but she only does the washing up if someone holds a gun to her head.

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