Need one-off advice?  ZOOM with an immigration lawyer. 

katie boateng

"I have worked with this lady since 2013 and my husband has gone from being illegal in the UK to being able to apply for settlement, thanks to her."

How the one-off advice service works 

Pay the fee

Payment is through a secure online payment, and we charge £75 for Zoom consultations of up to 30 minutes during our normal working hours. 

Book a convenient appointment

Once you have paid you can look at the available appointments and book one that is convenient for you. 

Connect with us

You will be sent a Zoom link before the appointment.  Log in and connect with us for your consultation.

Advice that we stand by

Even though we charge a nominal sum for these consultations, the fact that you pay us for the advice means that you become a client and we have a duty of care to you.  That means that the advice you get is advice you can rely on.

Advice that you can rely on

If you have questions about any aspect of UK immigration law, we will be happy to answer them for you.

Please note that we do not offer advice on the evidence needed to support an application.  Please do not ask us for lists of documents or to check your documents - there are different services available for that.

Visa questions?  ZOOM an immigration lawyer!